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Even though the use of professional terminology is an obvious feature of technical texts, the presence of such vocabulary alone is not enough to classify a text as 'technical'. In fact, technical terminology may often be found in texts that, based on the domain they pertain to, cannot be classified as 'technical'.

Our technical translators translate user's manuals, press articles, and other documents by means of which complex technical information is communicated in a simple and understandable manner.


Technical translators are important participants in the communication process that takes place between customers, designers and manufacturers. This is why they constantly deepen their knowledge of given fields.

We provide technical translations to large institutions and companies operating in the energy, chemistry, aerospace, medical and IT sectors.

Quality of technical translations

The most important problem associated with technical translations is the proper choice of translators whose language proficiency is accompanied by vast technical knowledge. The fact that translators that have completed both linguistic and technical studies are less than scarce enlivens the discussion on which type of education is more important in the case of technical translators: linguistic or technical. Some experts believe that a technical translator should in the first place possess linguistic education and then gradually develop technical knowledge and the ability to use technical vocabulary. Other experts state that the most important factor is technical education and that language proficiency is a secondary feature, especially when a translation is made into the translator's mother tongue.

These two strategies are reflected in the way in which translation offices approach technical translations. Supporters of the first strategy cooperate mainly with translators with degrees in linguistics, whose texts are later edited by specialists in a given domain. Advocates of the latter approach work solely with engineers, whose translations are edited only in the case where the translation is made into a foreign language.

We give priority to the first approach. Our translation team includes mainly linguists and philologists who possess great technical knowledge thanks to additional study, innate curiosity and many years of professional practice. That is why technical translations delivered by our team of translators prove that they possess not only great subject and terminological knowledge, but also that they have a sense of style.

Our customers

Narrator Translation Office cooperates with the most illustrious technical translators. For many years, we have provided our services to companies and individuals actively involved in the field of science and technology, such as Airbus, Medtronic, General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways , Polish Railways, Enea, Medtronic, Roche, EusaPharma, Gambro, AeroMedika, the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, National Health Care System, Mundipharma, Pomeranian Health Centre Laguna Medical, Medevice, Natural Pharmaceuticals, and many others.

We provide technical translations of all kind:

Regular translations

Translations that do not require authentication by a certified translator, e.g. translations of articles, user's manuals, invoices, correspondence, advertising materials, or websites and audiovisual materials.

Certified translations

Translations authenticated by a certified translator, e.g. translations of documents, contracts, certificates, reports, and medical certificates.

Verification of translations

Verification of translation consists in careful reading and correction of text that has been already translated. This task is usually assigned to the most experienced translators.

We provide translations from and into all European languages, as well as from and into a selection of non-European languages

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