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Certified translations are performed by translators that are entered on the Polish Ministry of Justice list.

A certified translator certifies translations by means of a round seal containing their name on the seal’s rim and in its midst the language in which they are licensed.

Each translation certified by the translator bears the number under which the translation or copy is noted in the repertory.

The translations state whether they were prepared from an original document, translation or a copy.

A certified translator may certify only translations from a foreign language into Polish and from Polish into a foreign language. Certification of translations made from a foreign language into another foreign language is not permitted.

A certified translator may prepare translations for individuals, as well as for the needs of public administration authorities, the Police, etc.

A certified translator is also entitled to make certified interpretations.


The profession of certified translator in Poland is regulated by the act of 27 January 2005.

A certified translator shall hold a Master's degree, pass an examination in the field of translation and interpretation, have Polish citizenship or the citizenship of an EU Member State, and know the Polish language.

The examination for sworn translators is conducted by the State Examination Commission, appointed by the Polish Ministry of Justice. The examination consists of two parts: translation and interpretation.

A translator who passes the examination is entered on the list of sworn translators after taking the following oath with the Minister of Justice: “Being aware of the significance of my words and my liability before the law, I do solemnly affirm that I will perform the tasks of sworn translator entrusted to me with due diligence and impartiality, keeping State secrets and other secrets protected by the law, as well as following, in my conduct, the rules of honesty and professional ethics.”


One page of certified translation equals 1125 characters including spaces. Each page begun is included.

Our rates for certified translation start from PLN 29 + VAT. The rate depends on the language, complexity of the source text, its quality and the deadline.

We provide translations from and into all European languages, as well as from and into a selection of non-European languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean. Please consult the list of languages serviced by our office.

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