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Our Russian translations are provided by a proven and experienced team of translators. We cooperate with certified translators on the Polish Ministry of Justice of Poland list, specialist translators possessing a vast knowledge of a wide variety of fields – including medicine, law, and technology – as well as Russian native-speakers.

Texts for publication, such as books, websites, brochures and leaflets are translated solely by Russian native-speakers.
Possible language combinations include: Net price for one page of translation in PLN
Russian > Polish from 35
Polish > Russian from 45
English > Russian from 58,5
Russian > Ukrainian from 58,5
Ukrainian > Russian from 58,5
Russian > Belarusian from 58,5
Belarusian > Russian from 60

We translate various kinds of documents from and into Russian. The texts that are most frequently translated include business documents, accounting documents, financial reports, official correspondence, contracts, financial statements, notarial deeds, extracts from registers, powers of attorney, Apostilles, driver\'s licences, certificates, diplomas, birth and marriage certificates, medical certificates, vehicle registration documents, and certificates of no criminal record.

Price quotations for translation of websites are always performed based on documents in the following formats: .doc, odt. .txt, xml;

Price quotations for files in the following formats: .ppt, .xls, .ots i .ods are made within 24 hours;

Standard page for non-certified translation equals 1500 characters including spaces.

Standard page for certified translations equals 1125 typographical characters.
The minimum payment for a written translation is equivalent to one standard page. Each page begun is included.


Our offer includes simultaneous, consecutive and certified interpretation from and into Russian, e.g. throughout the procedure of forming a partnership at a Notary\'s office or during civil wedding ceremonies.

In Poland and abroad

Our company provides services to companies, institutions and individuals not only in Poland, but also all over Europe, the USA, and Australia . Our translations are always delivered on time to the location indicated by the client.


The price of translation from and into Russian depends on the volume of the text, as well as on its complexity, subject, delivery deadlines and language from or into which it will be translated. We need no more than 45 minutes from the moment of reception of the document to prepare and supply our quotation. The price quotation is made only after we receive the intended documents, based on which, in consultation with a selected translator, we calculate the rate for translation, taking into consideration the actual volume and complexity level of the text.

Speed of dealing with commissions:

Normal: translation up to five pages daily, not including the date of receipt and the date of completing the commission;

Express: Translation for the following day or translation of more than five pages per day, not including the date of receipt and the date of completing the commission.


The documents to be translated may be delivered personally to our office at ul. Dobra 56/66, Warsaw, Poland, or by mail, fax and e-mail. Usual turnaround for the most typical documents is 48 hours (working days) from the moment of placing the order and submitting advance payment. Regular customers benefit from a simplified procedure for placing orders.


Certified translations, bearing the stamp of a certified Russian translator on each page, are sent by certified first-class mail or by courier service. We reserve the right to request and review original documents. Certified translations made from a copy of the document contain an appropriate remark made by a certified Russian translator. Non-certified translations are sent via e-mail.

Classification of texts to be translated:

Normal text (letter, email, commercial proposition, advertising or pop-science texts);

Specialist text (e.g. technical description, research paper, legal act or any other text containing specialist terminology).


We accept payments in cash and by card, which can be made in our Warsaw-based office, as well as payments via bank transfer and Dotpay.




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